Underground Rainwater Tanks

A recent addition to our range of services is the supply and installation of Atlantis Underground water tanks. These tanks are amazing! We can install tanks under your lawn or drive way or even under a house before construction! With the ability to bear massive loads (up to 38 tonnes to the square metre) Atlantis matrix tanks are so versitile.
Catch every drop of rain water with our unique catchment system.
Build your tank any size. We can easily store 50,000 litres of rain water on a regular suburban block with absolutely no loss of yard space
This backyard was dry and sorely needed a makeover. But how can you have a new garden with water restrictions?? The Atlantis Underground Rainwater Tank is the answer.
In preparation for the new lanscaping we removed the old worn out trees and grass. This job was a complete rebuild.Although, if required we can install these tanks in an established garden under a lawn or paved area with minimal disruption.
A layer of topsoil is remoed and stored on site to lay over the completed tank. Then the excavation of the tank can begin.
Our machines are perfectly suited to this work. Small enough to get into yards and big enough for even the toughest digging
After the excavation is complete we use a laser to level the base of the hole with sand so that the tank sits perfetly flat and level.
A perfect base means a perfect job!
The tanks arrive flat packed and are assembled on site. Here you can see the internal plates that provide the amazing loadbearing capacity of these tanks
Firstly a layer of tough "Geofabric" in the hole to protect the liner. Geofabric is made from no-woven polyester that won't rot or perish over time.
The Atlantis "Damtuff" liner is the key to the system. Made from high density polyethylene it is virtually impenetrable.We then lay a further layer of Geofabric between the liner and the matrix boxes.
The boxes are stacked together within the liner to provide the supporting structure for the tank.
With the boxes all placed in the hole we fold the Geofabric and Damtuff liner over the top and the tank is finished.
When the tank is complete we backfill completely around the tank with fine bedding sand to securely locate the tank in position.
Where there are large trees, or trees are to be planted, we always install this root barrier around the tank for extra protection. This ensures that the trees can't get their roots in to damage the tank no matter how hard they try.
With the Tank covered with sand we replace a layer of topsoil.
 Imagine a 50,000 litre tank and no loss of space or above ground tanks to spoil your outlook.
Once the grass goes down you would never know it was there. Except for the tell tail green lawn!
Once the topsoil is returned it looks as if we were never there!
What a difference!